Xr400 dual sport conversion

Make Honda. Model Xr. Desert tank, skid plate, hand guardsGPR stabilizer, Renthal bars, front and rear fender gear bags, aluminum stand, original manual, comes with loading ramp too.

Harley Davidson Sportster Off Road Conversions

This bike is super clean and tuned up. It's clicked in for So Cal terrain on front forks and back spring. It's ready to kick and go. Model XR.

Clark large capacity tank, IMS foot pegs, Renthal bars, XRs Only header and pipe with silencer, 36mm Mikuni Pumper Carburetor, Ricky Stator Watt stator, new sprockets and enduro chain, custom skid plate, new plastics, new front tire, Baja designs street legal conversion kit including speedometer.

The bike is stock. Work perfect. Needs nothing. Registered in NovClean title. Only miles. I bought this from a collector a while back. My wife does not like to ride on the back A trade would also be great. It has one small dent in the tank repairable from an accident in the garage. It comes with a NR rear luggage rack with a hard mounted Pelican waterproof box.

The Metzler Sahara tires have about miles on them. An upgraded headlight bulb is also installed. A XR's Only oil temp gauge is also installed. Owners manual included. Please note the ridiculously low milage. Local Pick Up Only. Model XR R. Make Kawasaki. Model Klx New tubes, battery, valve cover gasket. Low miles. Great mpg.Unfortunately, not all bikes are street legal out of the box and sometimes the off-road models make better dual sports.

xr400 dual sport conversion

Factory dual sports are often choked down by horse power robbing- emission equipment, and extra weight. The E is noticeably lighter and snappier. Most shops will offer installation service as well. The more difficult part will be finding out your own state requirements. Every state is different and the rules can change over time. I later decided to replace the bike with something that could be licensed only to find out that the rules changed again and became more lenient toward conversions.

Currently, the rules in Washington State are fairly simple. The bike has to meet these federal requirements.


First, do your homework before buying any parts. There will be some bureaucratic red tape involved. Talk to people in your area you see on dual sports, check with your local bike shops, visit your states department of motor vehicles web site, and call your local state patrol office. You have a couple of options. You can simply buy a complete kit that will include all the items needed like the ones offered by Baja Designs, or you can purchase individual items that better suit your tastes.

Ricky Stator is a popular unit. You can also send your stock unit in to Baja Designs and they will rewind the coils to get more juice out of it. A battery or capacitor will also be necessary to manage the changing power demands from the electrical system. Fortunately newer lithium batteries are easier to mount because they require less space and weigh less than lead acid batteries of the past.

Check out the DRZRider post on lithium batteries. LED lights are the best choice for all of your lighting. LEDs use less power, are more durable, and last longer than conventional style bulbs. Turn signal kits are also available and include a flasher unit and switch.

Be sure to check your states rules on location and positioning of the signals on the bike. Lots of universal headlight kits are available but not all are considered street legal.

Make sure the one you choose is DOT approved. They offer better durability, and exceptionally better lighting than standard units. Having a bright light may save your ass out on the streets!With our kit, there are only two wires to run which results in installation in under an hour.

Blinkers remove with the headlight. An auxiliary port. A battery condition indicator light. Day, night and off mode. A one year warranty. This kit includes a headlight with integrated blinkers, control box, handle bar switch, horn, hydraulic brake switch, AC line in, power harness and taillight harness.

No stator modification is required. Since this model does not have a stock rear taillight, it requires purchase of a rear taillight. We carry in stock the UFO taillight.

This kit includes a headlight with integrated blinkers, control box, handle bar switch, horn, hydraulic brake switch, power harness, taillight harness, battery and voltage regulator. We recommend using the stock taillight.

You can use the existing taillight with dual filament socket change.

xr400 dual sport conversion

This kit includes a headlight with integrated blinkers, control box, handle bar switch, horn, power harness and taillight harness. The kit comes with either a hydraulic front brake switch or mechanical rear brake switch. This kit includes a headlight with integrated blinkers, control box, handle bar switch, horn, power harness, taillight harness, battery and voltage regulator. These models will need the lighting coil rewound at an additional charge. Rear UFO taillight assembly complete with tail, brake and turn indicators and wiring harness.Our harness has been designed to be flexible.

It will fit any size bike, small to large, without requiring wire extensions or other modifications. You can power it from a lighting stator AC or a battery DC. Includes a splice connection to power your headlight from the stator while running the other components from a battery.

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If your bike has power to run a headlight then our kit will work without any additional requirements. If your bike lacks power for a headlight, you will need a lighting stator. Our harness is designed to be robust even in the event of a crash. Part replacement is simple and inexpensive. No delicate electronic circuit boards like some of our competitors use which can be costly to replace. Installation is simple and straightforward. Remove your fuel tank and seat. Lay down and secure the harness to the frame.

Install the other components and plug them into the harness. Real easy!

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Our newest version of the harness uses OEM style connectors for a better fit with components such as turn signals and flasher units. In addition, the combination switch is now connected to the harness via a quick connect pigtail to make installation easier as well as replacement possible should you damage it. We also now include a corrugated plastic tube to enclose your harness in for a cleaner more protected installation. Small 12 volt 3.

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Low profile pressure switch for those applications with limited space above the brake banjo bolt. Kit includes a special replacement banjo bolt. Choose 10x1.

Attaches to the underside of MX style rear fenders. E11 approved for street use. Features a taillight and a brake light for a clean looking dual sport conversion. Wiring instructions included.

Taillight and brake light Attaches to the top of the rear fender.Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Converted to dual-sport?

xr400 dual sport conversion

SinisterscullerApr 11, Joined: Mar 28, Oddometer: 11 Location: Seattle. Guys, I am looking to see pictures of converted street bikes and cruisers to dual sport. I am contemplating doing a conversion myself on a nighthawk.

Joined: Jan 19, Oddometer: Location: Idaho. Any bike is a dual sport JeepDawg and largemouthbass like this. ADV Sponsors. MilspecApr 11, This oughta be good! Joined: Oct 28, Oddometer: SchtumApr 12, BillyBreathes likes this. I would love to do that to this bike. DeadlyApr 29, LivewireRacingblacktruckBajaFJ40 and 2 others like this.

xr400 dirt to dualsport conversion

Joined: Jun 18, Oddometer: Location: No nuke zone. A wee beastie of a Suzuki Volty. Trailwing rubber, Gaitors, bashplate, Scrambler rear shocks, modifyed front forks. Has carried my partner to places that only dualsports venture.What's new New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments. Log-In Register. What's new.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Who to Ride With, Where to Ride. Dirt Bike Brands - Other. Latest: Divouneh Yesterday at PM. New Member? Go here first. M Thursday at PM. Vintage Motorcycle Rebuilds. Honda 2-Strokes. I'm going to be a Grandpa Latest: sideways Jun 23, How is the XR for dual-sport use?

Thread starter Mark Parsons Start date Jul 2, Mark Parsons Member. Jul 2, Joined May 10, Messages 57 Likes 0. I'm considering buying an Xr to convert to dual-sport use and wonder about its street manners.

The bike will be used mainly for commuting and some longer range stuff. Since it only has a 5-speed transmission I thought it might get a little "buzzy" on the highway. I plan to go up 1 tooth on the countershaft sprocket and maybe down some teeth on the rear sprocket. Any opinions? Jul 3, Joined Jul 3, Messages 1 Likes 0.Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by oldbmwApr 10, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Honda XRR with electric start conversion. Any thoughts? Any for sale in California? MotomochilaApr 10, Joined: Sep 30, Oddometer: 1, Location: N 34 Buy a quad for the parts you'll need.

I did the same thing with a XR R. Lots of work involved. Almost better to buy the quad and stuff it into your bike frame. ADV Sponsors.

Converted to dual-sport? POST PICS!!

BitingdogApr 10, I've owed a WR and a Ktm Exc. WR's power delivery was pipey. The Ktm was not reliable for me and required anal service and too many mods to make it a good dual sport. I've also had an XRR a bullet proof bike but over the years kept getting heavier I'm wanting an old school simple air cooled dual sport with a happy button. More low end torque but still light weight.

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AlpinaE24Apr 10, Joined: Nov 2, Oddometer: 1, Location: az. Had a plated, e start and kicker xr Fun bike but weighed as much as an xr and nowhere near as fun power wise. Nice to have, but didn't miss the e start later on my xr or a later xr Good luck. More food for thought on the weight issue. I currently ride a "plated" Yamaha TTR and love the light weight and electric start but power is not much and suspsension is minimal.

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